The 10 States That Spend the Most on Lottery Tickets

A common stereotype of lottery ticket buyers is that of blue-collar workers trying to break out of dead-end jobs and hit it big. But while there are likely plenty of lotto purchasers who fit that mold, a 24/7 Wall St. ranking suggests the four states that spend the most on tickets break away from that narrative. Massachusetts, the No. 1 state on the list, not only has the highest level of educational attainment, the average household there boasts an annual income of more than $70,000. That’s nearly $15,000 more than the US median. Where the other 42 states that host lotteries fall (save Wyoming, as info isn’t available), based on an annual survey of state lottery prizes and census bureau data:

1.    Massachusetts; lottery spending per adult: $926
2.    Rhode Island; $643
3.    Delaware; $540
4.    New York; $505
5.    Georgia; $476
6.    Maryland; $457
7.    West Virginia; $450
8.    New Jersey; $407
9.    Connecticut; $382
10.    Pennsylvania; $351

Check here to see where your state falls on the list.


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