6 End-of-Summer Sales That Will Actually Get You Excited for Fall

Retail stores no longer have room for summer items and want your business for back-to-school gear, which means great deals for you. Now is the time to look forward to a new season and buy what you’ll most certainly need for next summer.

1. Patio furniture

Patio furniture takes up a whole lot of space at your local home improvement store, meaning that these products need to sell now.

Late August and early September will bring the best deals for high-quality patio chairs and tables. That way, by the time next summer rolls around, you’ll be happy you got a great deal.

2. Laptops

Retailers know that another school year calls for a new round of laptops for high schoolers and college kids. Luckily for parents, and anyone else who needs a new laptop, this means that tech stores are competing for your business!

Many retailers offer student discounts where you can save up to 15 percent by showing a school ID. Additionally, Apple is running a promotion where students get a free pair of Beats headphones and up to $300 off a new laptop purchase.

3. Air conditioners

If you’ve ever wished for an extra air conditioning system, now’s the time to buy. Look out for great sales, like at Lowe’s, where they are offering 20 percent off air conditioner units.

4. Toys

After summer, the next big event in toy sales is the holiday season — and we all know how crazy that can be.

Toy retailers need to swap out summer-fun merchandise for indoor toys, which means you save big. Target begins its toy sales in July and other major retailers extend sales and clearance through the end of August.

5. Pools and pool accessories

When August hits, many big retailers put their entire pool section on sale. Kmart and Kohl’s, for example, are selling pool accessories at 50 percent off. If you need to replace inflatable pool toys that took a beating this summer, take advantage of these sales!

Source:  today.com


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