Posted: Friday, 10 January 2014 6:55AM

BEC Fair Association Stockholders Vote; The Yays Have It

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(TEC News), January 10 – Voting results were in by 8:30 p.m. for the Blue Earth County Fair Association stockholders with 175 for moving it and 76 for keeping it in Garden City. No official decisions will be discussed until a feasibility report has been done to see what funding options are. A lengthy discussion beforehand left many Garden City supporters in question with lots of banter.
“I’m not trying to pick on them, but it’s just the idea that they did this, not the right way.”
Sharon, former resident of Garden City for 32 years, felt things were a little backwards and no information was being presented that was prevalent to voting, like costs.

Most of the people in favor of moving the fair were considering the 4H community as numbers show a decrease in participation. “I think in a few years if there’s no county fair, it will severely affect the 4H program.” Amanda Sommers, 4H Coordinator, has seen a significant decrease in participants for the Blue Earth County Fair and thinks that, no matter what, something has to be done. “4H will support whatever happens.”
The next step will be a feasibility study to determine if a move would be beneficial, how that could be done if it is and how to preserve the current site in Garden City.

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