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Southern Minnesota has made national headlines over the past year for some rather ... dubious circumstances. Let's see, there was: the mayor's drunken driving arrest, the little old grandma who held up the bank in Elysian and, of course, the lesiurly drive thru the Mankato Walmart. Most of these events are met with a sigh, chuckle and arch of the eyebrows, right?

But now it looks like our little neck of the woods is going to get some more positive publicity. For much of the past year a war movie, Souvigners, has been in the process of being filmed in the Le Center/St.Peter/Mankato area. With filming completed last week, the movie is now being edited and, according to Jeff Traxler of Le Center, should be finished with in the next few months.

So, when will we be able to see this movie? We're gonna ask Jeff that question when he's on our show on Tuesday morning.

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01/31/2011 9:37AM
Lights, Camera, Action
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