Posted: Tuesday, 19 November 2013 6:07AM

Point of Impact Program Brings in Parents (VIDEO)

ST. PAUL (TEC News), November 19 – A new education program through the Minnesota Department of Transportation has put the focus on the parents of teen drivers. The Point of Impact will be made available to communities and driver’s education schools to get parents into a one-night class with their teens. A video was put together to presents stories of Minnesotans impacted by crashes.

The Point of Impact program will be made available to communities and driver’s education schools statewide with the primary purpose to bring parents into the driver’s education classroom with their teens for a one-night course. Driver’s education instructors, local law enforcement officers, EMTs and others help present the program.

Among the key points Point of Impact stresses are for parents to:
        Provide significant supervised driving training, and continue to do so after they are licensed, especially during the potentially dangerous first year of licensure.
        Train teen on a variety of road types (city, highway, rural) and conditions (night, snow, rain). 
        Reinforce teen driving laws such as belt use (front and back seats); passenger and nighttime driving limitations; no cell phone use; and no texting/email/Web access (including when stopped in traffic). 
        Use a driving contract to set family driving rules and follow through with consequences.
        Encourage teen to speak up when they feel unsafe in a vehicle to stop unsafe driving behaviors.

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