Posted: Friday, 28 March 2014 8:23AM

Sgt. Sticha Addresses Speeding Issues with Nicer Weather Coming

MANKATO (TEC News), March 28 – The Minnesota State Patrol sends out reminders to motorists as the weather gets nicer to make sure to slow down and travel at the regulated speeds. Tickets start at about $120 per violation. Sgt. Jaci Sticha says that not always, but often officials find that violations do go hand-in-hand whether it’s speeding or registration issues. “Often if we pull over a person that isn’t taking care of registration, we wanna make sure we check insurance coverage and things like that. It’s called taking care of business. Driving is a big responsibility and we need to take care of the whole picture.” Sticha says that although speeding may seem like a minor issue to some of the public, it can cause significant damage to other motorists or pedestrians if situations are compromised.

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Sgt. Jacalyn Sticha

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