Answers To Why Your Dog Does So Many Weird Things!

Why do dogs drink out of the toilet? That’s a good question – and it’s actually the title of a new book by veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker. So here are some answers to the dog-related questions that have been plaguing you.

  • First, why do male dogs lift their leg? So they can get their scent at nose-level for other dogs – and so the breeze can more easily catch the scent and carry it around the neighborhood.
  • Why do they yawn? Are they bored or sleepy? Neither really. A dog’s yawn is more stress related. It can either be a stress response to excitement – like a dog may yawn before going into an agility competition. Or a dog may yawn when it’s stressed in a negative way. It’s a signal that they’re not entirely comfortable – like at the vet’s office. But dogs are like humans, if you’re yawning, they’ll yawn back.
  • Why do dogs roll around in stinky stuff? Because to them, it smells great. A dog’s nose is hundred times more sensitive than ours and to them, Eau de Dead Squirrel is the chicest perfume. It’s like if you found a twenty on the street – you may do a happy dance. If a dog finds a stink pile, he may roll in it as a way of celebrating. Also, if the smell is of a cat or a squirrel, a dog may roll in it to disguise his own smell. So the cat or squirrel nearby may not smell a dog coming, but one of their own kind, and they won’t try and escape.
  • So do dogs hate cats? No – dogs don’t know what hate is. Some dogs have a strong hunting instinct, like terriers, and they simply chase cats because they’re a type of prey. Those types of dogs were bred to chase anything that moves. But it’s strictly business, nothing personal. and there are plenty of dogs that can live in harmony with cats or other small creatures.

If you want to know more, check out the new book, “Why Do Dogs Drink From The Toilet?”




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