This Is Apparently the Most Popular ‘Sandwich’ Recipe on Pinterest

Since the dawn of time there have been debates as to what truly qualifies something as a “sandwich.” We can’t forget last year when Merrian-Webster declared that a hot dog is technically a sandwich (blasphemy). And according to NY State Department of Taxation and Finance, burritos are also considered sandwiches.

Now Pinterest users are throwing their feelings into the ring with what should and shouldn’t qualify as a sandwich. The most popular “sandwich” on the platform right now is essentially just cucumber slices, cheese, and roast beef. Yes, that’s it. It’s been saved an incredible 800,000 times on the platform.

See it on Pinterest: Cucumber Sandwich

Everything about this cucumber “sandwich” is an insult to actually delicious sandwiches. First, can we talk about how sad this photo is? There are only three little bites of “sandwich” to be consumed. Also, that lighting. What could possibly be appealing about this “sandwich” besides the fact that it’s “low-carb”?

Like, how do you think real sandwiches feel when they see these cucumber things are more popular than they are?




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