Most Bizarre Name…EVER!

Prior to the formation of ISIS in 2013, anything with the misfortune of sharing a name with the terrorist organization was left scrambling to rebrand.   People named Isis are another story altogether, as it’s not exactly easy to abandon the name you’ve gone by your entire life. And the 19-year-old woman pictured in the above drivers license received a double whammy in that department with her birth name, “Isis Harmabe.”  The other Isis, the one who shares her middle name with the beloved deceased gorilla turned internet meme, gained the viral notoriety she was literally born for when a man came into the restaurant where she works as a hostess this week, and sparked up a conversation. Upon learning her name, the man asked if he could tweet the photo of her license.  The Daily Dot confirmed the legitimacy of the driver’s license with the California State DMV.  BTW, her last name is nothing to sneeze at either!


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