Brawl Breaks Out at High School Graduation Over Seats

Family members at a Tennessee high school graduation — that took place in a church — became embroiled in a fight over seats Tuesday night as their kids marched down the aisle.

Video online spread like wildfire, showing adults punching, kicking, pulling hair and screaming at each other as onlookers yelled for security.

Octavius Adams, an alum of Arlington High School in Cordova, Tennessee, told News Channel 3 that he had sat in the seats that were being saved by a family, but when they asked him to move, he obliged. But another group came along shortly thereafter, and this escalated from there.

“A family of five wanted to sit in a certain area and the family of two came and disrupted that area,” he said. “They wouldn’t move so they pretty much stood their ground.”

He said a woman in a brown dress allegedly told them they couldn’t save seats and wouldn’t move.

“They felt entitled to those seats,” Adams said. “I don’t know what was special about them, but they wanted them.”

According to Fox 13 Memphis, one woman was handcuffed and another was escorted out of the graduation ceremony. Thus far, no one has been charged for the incident.




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