British Mom Defends Bathing With 9-Year-Old Son

British singer Stacey Solomon knows how to make a splash. During a recent episode of U.K. panel show Loose Women, the 27-year-old defended having baths with her young sons (92 percent of the studio audience said it was a no-no.)

“I’m not horrified at all,” the mom of Zachary, 9, and Leighton, 5, said. “Anyone who’s horrified at the thought of parents sharing a bath with their children I think has issues. It’s each to their own.”

The X-Factor alum did admit her eldest boy wishes she were slightly more modest. “Sometimes he’s like, ‘Oh put the bubbles over your boobs mother. I don’t want to see it!’ But at the same time, why does the body always have to be looked at as some sexual thing?” she asked. Solomon went on to explain that family tub time is similar to having dinner or reading stories before bed. “Having a bath is how we socialize and communicate,” she said. “It’s a normal part of our daily routine.”

It’s not the star’s first time facing criticism for her parenting decisions. In March she posted an Instagram of herself goofing around in a bath with Zachary and Leighton. “This is wrong on so many levels,” wrote one person. Snipped another: “Each to their own but I think it’s healthy to teach children boundaries and privacy.”




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