Buy A House, Get Free Tacos!

A Texas real estate agent is drawing attention to her offered properties with signs bearing an unusual offer: “$250 in free tacos with the purchase of this home.”

Realtor Nicole Lopez of The PR Group at Intero Real Estate Services in the Houston area said she first started adding the extra message to the bottom of the signs bearing her information outside of homes for sale about four months ago.

Lopez said she sign drew a lot of extra attention to the first home where she tried it out, a 1,700 square foot home in Cypress.

“I’m the taco lady,” Lopez told KHOU-TV. “Let’s be honest, everyone in Texas loves tacos. And so, it’s really been the ‘taco the town.'”

Lopez said she is partnering with Torchy’s Tacos to arrange for the edible bonuses.

“So, in Texas it’s illegal to offer anything above $50 in terms of a referral or a client gift. So what we’ve done, is we’ve actually partnered with our sellers and they’ve agreed to offer a $250 credit. So they can take it in terms of closing costs, or if they really want the tacos, we can make sure they have tacos at closing as well,” Lopez said.

Lopez said the sign helped her sell the home in Cypress.

“The buyer is definitely going to get the tacos,” Lopez said.  “He’s planning a taco party at the end of February.”

She said the promotion has been a big hit on social media.

“People have really taken to the tacos,” Lopez said. “We don’t plan on ending it any time soon.”

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