Can You Hear Me Now???

Many of you have a story about the time you accidentally dropped your cellphone into the ocean, a pool or a toilet, but one kid in California has you all beat — he dropped his into a nuclear reactor.

The teen was visiting the McClellan Nuclear Research Center in Davis, California with his summer camp and pointed his phone over a railing to take a photo of the glowing water in the reactor — and it slipped out of his hand. He wrote on Reddit, “The room was quiet for about 10 seconds and everybody was just taking in what the hell just happened and watching my phone sink slowly.” Fortunately, and incredibly for him, a staff member was able to grab a net and fish it out of the radioactive water, which as it turns out is actually not as harmful as you may think.

Sure, any water is bad news for a cellphone, but the pool of water surrounding a nuclear reactor is actually less radioactive than the air around it. So the kid doesn’t have to worry about his phone or himself glowing in the dark. The phone was actually all right and still usable. And by the way, he got THIS great photo.


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