Common Calls For MSU Security: Underage Drinking, Marijuana & Public Urination

Three months into the school year and an analysis of the reports taken by campus security at MSU-Mankato shows underage drinking and drugs are the most common complaints.

Campus security has responded to more than 80 incidents of underage consumption or possession so far this school year. Most of those incidents have involved more than one minor, and many have taken place in the dorms. (There have also been about a dozen reports of public urination.)

The second most common call for MSU-Mankato security has been marijuana or drug paraphernalia possession, with more than 30 cases logged.

Threats, harassment and stalking complaints combined have numbered about two-dozen thus far this school year.

There have been four sex-related complaints taken, although one of those was from an incident that had allegedly occurred last school year.

The incidents from this year include indecent exposure at Myers Field House, unwanted sexual contact in the McElroy Residence Community and an alleged rape at the Julia A. Sears Residence Hall.

Other calls that MSU Mankato Campus Security has responded to multiple times since the start of the classes include theft, assault, hit and run, criminal damage to property, and tampering with fire alarms.


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