Crappiest Tinder Date Ever!

Bad first dates are just part of single life, but they usually don’t end with someone getting trapped in a window while trying to retrieve poop.

Unfortunately for one British woman, her worst first date story is far worse than yours. She agreed to meet up with a college student she’d matched up with on Tinder, and the night got off to a decent start. They met for dinner and drinks, and then decided to go back to his apartment to watch a movie.

But things took a terrible turn when she went to the bathroom. After dropping a number-two, she discovered that the toilet wasn’t flushing. After several failed attempts to try out her amateur plumbing skills, she did the only thing she could think of. She grabbed the poop from the toilet and threw it out the bathroom window. Only the poop didn’t make it completely out. It fell between two panes of glass and got stuck. Now out of options, she had to come clean and tell her date what had happened.

The guy said he would get a hammer to break the window open, but while he was searching for it, she decided to try one more time to handle it herself. She climbed onto the windowsill and tried to reach down between the windows, but slipped in head first and got stuck. Her date had no choice but to call the fire department, who arrived and safely broke the window to pull her out.

Despite the worst date ever, the guy says they’ve actually gone out again.  Of course the fire department had to share this photo of the trapped woman on Twitter.  Geez, thanks guys!



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