In-Demand Jobs in January

Are you looking for seasonal work this winter to make some extra cash? Here are some ideas we found:

  • You could install satellite dishes. All television stations across the country broadcast digitally. Companies like Dish Network and DirecTV are hiring people to work as satellite dish installers. You could earn up to $16 an hour and they’ll train you.
  • You could help people with their taxes. Tax preparation service companies are hiring people for their busy season – which lasts from February through April. The average hourly wage is usually around $17. Don’t worry if you don’t feel qualified – they’ll take you through tax school. That’s the word from Shawn Boyer, chief executive officer of the website Now, you’ll pay for most of the training up front, but they reimburse you for training if you complete it.
  • Another place to look for seasonal work: The gym. Many gyms and health clubs need employees around this time of year because so many people make New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. Can’t find work at a gym? Try a sporting goods store.
  • Pizza delivery. This is one of the busiest times of the year for these businesses – partly because the weather is lousy and people don’t feel like leaving the house to get food. You could earn as much as $20 an hour delivering pies. Including mileage reimbursement and tips.


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