DON’T Wax Your Nose Hair Ladies!

Beauty blogger Sepi Balini, also known as MakeupBySepi, has gotten a lot of attention on Instagram this week after posting a video of her having her nose hairs waxed at the renowned Anastasia Beverley Hills Salon. The caption reads, “You gotta do what you gotta do….NOSE HAIR BE GONE!”  The video shows a tech inserting two wax applicators into each of Sepi’s nostrils and then  yanking them out. The thing is, it’s not just painful – it’s also really, really dangerous. According to doctors, the area between our noses and mouth is called the “triangle of death.” No joke. All our veins in our head are interconnected in that exact spot! That means if you pluck or wax a hair out of your nose and it gets infected, the infection can get into your brain very easily and the result could be life threatening.




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