Family Adorably Wears Helmets for Baby with Flat Head Syndrome

A San Antonio family is going viral on social media for an adorable reason. They wanted to make sure their newest member knew they are loved.

The Gutierrez family are standing by their youngest member 4-month-old Jonas who recently diagnosed with severe plagiocephaly, which is also known as “flat head syndrome.”

Gary and Shayna Gutierrez were told little Jonas would have to wear a head-shaping helmet for two to six months.

But over the weekend, 3-year-old sister Camila put on her pink helmet to match brother. So of course, dad had to do the same.

The family said Camila did it because she didn’t want her brother to “feel different.”

Shayna snapped a few pictures and after posting it online, the family went viral.

“Forget real, that’s real adorable,” Julie tweeted in response to the photo.

Many families around the country with helmet-wearing babies also shared photos of their little ones. All while saluting the Gutierrez family.

Jonas is one lucky little boy!



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