Four Local Felons Accused Of Voting Illegally

Four people have been charged in Blue Earth County with felonies for illegally voting or registering to vote in the 2016 election.

The accused are 23-year-old Ashley Williams of Mankato, 26-year-old Alysse Fitzpatrick of Lake Crystal, 27-year-old Taylor Spence of Mapleton and 45-year-old Noah Summers of Mankato.

Police say Williams, Fitzpatrick and Spence all admitted to voting, even though they were ineligible because they were all on probation for felony convictions at the time.

Summers was also ineligible for being a felon on probation at the time.

Police say Summers denied voting in the 2016 election, but told them he may have registered to vote online…and investigators say records show that he did, in fact, do so.

In Minnesota, convicted felons can vote once they finish all parts of their sentence, including incarceration, parole, probation or supervised release.


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