Girl’s Yearbook Picture Rejected Due to Partially Visible Bra

Eleanor Fitzwilliams was more than a little surprised when her submitted photo that was deemed “inappropriate” by the school yearbook coordinator. After being told she needed to submit another picture, the 17-year-old took to Twitter to show just how much of a double standard exists when it comes to dress codes. Oh, and the kicker? Her dad took the picture.

The high school senior posted the image next to a photo of the boys swimming team with the caption: “Here’s my senior picture. Because you can see part of my bralette, it was ‘too inappropriate.’ Yet, here’s the boys swim team picture.”

“She just sat me down and told me that my picture was too inappropriate to be used in the yearbook and (graduation) slideshow because you could see the side of my bralette,” she explained in an interview with TODAY. “I was like, wait, what just happened? Was that really too inappropriate? I started talking to my friends and soon I realized that was not OK.”

And while Fitzwilliams has made it clear she doesn’t have any problems with the boys swim team, she shared the picture to make a point. “I think it can be argued that the swim team’s Speedos are also like an undergarment, yet they serve a different purpose,” she said. “Well, my bralette serves a different purpose than to hold my boobs up. It covers up the side where my top doesn’t, just like the boys’ Speedos. This is very much about a double standard.”

Her father, Craig Fitzwilliams, agrees that her picture isn’t too revealing.

“The last thing I want to do is take an inappropriate photo of my daughter. If I thought there was something wrong with it, I would have said something right away,” he explained. “I had no desire of her showing a lot of skin.”




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