Grab A Kleenex For This One!!

A touching show of support on a high school football field in California has brought a cheerleader, and the Internet, to tears.

When Ashley Adamietz, a cheerleader at Foothill High School in Palo Cedro, California, was diagnosed with leukemia, her football family let her know right away that they’ve got her back. Before last week’s game, all 57 members of the football team ran onto the field and, one by one, placed an orange rose at Ashley’s feet. Orange is the color of leukemia awareness and it was the team’s way of letting her know that everyone supports her fight.

Ryan Caetano, a player on the team, organized the show of support. He says, “She’s part of the Cougar family, so why not let her know that we’re all here for her. We are. So I wanted to let that be known to everybody, and especially to her, for what she’s going through.”

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