Harry Styles Faces Backlash Over Tour Merch That Accidentally Body-Shames Fans

A Harry Styles fan Twitter account shared a sneak peek of merch that will be sold throughout his first solo tour, which kicked off this week in San Francisco. The account also shared a list of the various items’ prices, and many of his fans were angry to discover that larger T-shirt sizes cost extra.

If you’re a XS, S, or M, a T-shirt will set you back $40. But if you’re a size L, XL, or XXL, you’ll have to pay an extra $5.

Basically, customers who fit into a size medium or smaller are rewarded for their body size by getting to save a few bucks.

Some people explained that the larger sizes most likely cost more because they use more fabric.

If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean that a size medium uses more fabric than small which uses more fabric than an extra-small and so on? Shouldn’t each size cost, like, 50 cents more than the size before it? Not to mention, the U.S. produces over 15 million tons of used textile waste each year, so most of the extra fabric people are going to pay for will go straight to a landfill.

Source:  someecards.com


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