The Holidays Can Be Hazardous to Your Pet’s Health

The holidays are a hazardous time for pets. Between the glass Christmas ornaments and the houseguests who are a little heavy handed with the treats, your pet could end up with a serious stomach ache or worse. So be prepared. Here are the top three dangers to your pets this winter.

  • Cats and dogs love to play with shiny objects. Cats are especially drawn to the strings of tinsel on your tree. It’s not unusual for them to swallow it while they’re playing. If they do, it can get wrapped around their tongue or caught up in their stomach. It can even saw right through the walls of the intestine and cause serious problems. So if you see silver sticking out of their mouths – or the other end – don’t try to pull it out because it could be caught on something. Instead, head to your vet’s office ASAP!
  • Cats also like to bat around Christmas ornaments, which could cut them if they break. Dogs tend to think ornaments are balls. They put them in their mouths, they break and next thing you know you’re on your way to the vet. If your dog does swallow glass it’s actually not as harmful as you’d think and you should let it work its way through their system. Vets say don’t induce vomiting. Making the glass come up will cause more harm than having the animal pass it naturally.
  • Watch your animals around plants during the holidays. Poinsettias, holly berries and mistletoe berries will all cause an upset stomach, but nothing life threatening unless they eat A LOT of it. It’s really lilies and tulip bulbs, which a lot of people give as gifts, that’re the problem. They’re extremely toxic to cats. Eating just a little bit will cause kidney failure within 36 hours. So if you see them take a few nibbles, get your cat to the vet immediately.

Keep your vet’s number, and the number for the emergency pet hospital programmed into your phone, just in case of emergencies. The faster you get help, the better.


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