John Tesh In Path of Southern California Wildfires

We received this email from John Tesh’s radio producer yesterday.  Thought we would pass it along if John’s “Intelligence For Your Life” afternoon show on The River is a regular part of your workday.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers along with everyone else out there.

To our John Tesh Radio Show affiliates,

I’m sure that by now, you’ve seen the news about the Los Angeles wildfires.  They are literally down-the-block from John Tesh’s house.
John and his family may have to be evacuated.  Rest assured, he’s got the radio show equipment, and hard drives already packed in the car, just in case.
In the interim, he’s literally spending the day hosing down his house to prevent it from catching fire (unless he’s given the evacuation order, in which case they’ll leave).
John sent the attached to me, and gave me the “OK” to share the attached pic of him hosing down the house with our stations.

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