Leg Amputation Doesn’t Keep TV Anchorman From Returning To Work Today

He’s back on the airwaves today after a very rough past few months.  Chris Egert, co-host of KSTP-TV Channel 5’s morning news, has recovered from surgery on his left leg to amputate below the knee.  Egert decided to have the operation after suffering from chronic ankle pain for most of his life, with his December amputation the last of 10 surgeries he had for the problem.  The anchor says he has been inspired by the plight of his fellow Twin Cities TV anchor Courtney Godfrey, the FOX 9 reporter who had the lower part of her leg amputated last year following a shocking boating accident.  He posted a thank you video to his followers on Facebook Sunday evening, thanking them for the countless well-wishes he received.

Source:  gomn.com

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