Look Who FINALLY Made It To The Frank!

He’s been predicting the weather for over 10 years in Mankato, but this weekend he finally took in his first Mankato Moondogs baseball game.  That’s right, with a little help from River 105 Breakfast Club morning man Greg Travis, Mark Tarello finally made it to Franklin Rogers Park for a Northwoods League game between the Moondogs and the Waterloo Bucks.  Is it distance to the field that has kept Tarello away?  Nope, he literally lives within walking distance of The Frank.  Mooondogs PA guy Mike McKenna gave Mark a warm welcome to the park and fans were quick to ask him if there was any rain in the forecast.  The ‘Dogs may want to think about inviting him back soon because with the popular TV weatherman in the house the Moondogs crushed the Bucks 9-2.


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