Was This Mankato Maltese Puppy-Napped For Ransom???

According to a complaint, Vanessa Woodard is being charged with theft for allegedly stealing someone else’s cute little Maltese dog.  This incident is alleged to have occurred on September 2nd when the person watching the dog was doing some yard work and had the pup tied to a tree when the dog-napping took place.  A few days later the dog was spotted in Dublin Court and the dog’s owner sent her sister to retrieve it, but Woodard refused to give it back so the police were called.  At that point, Woodard became angry and started yelling and said she wanted the $500 reward being offered for the return of the dog.  The officer took possession of the dog and returned it to its owner.  Talk about a “ruff” situation!

Source:  southernminnesotanews.com

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