Should Your New Boss Be Your Facebook Friend?

Would you accept a Facebook friend request from your future employer? A growing number of job hunters are asking themselves that question. That’s because the latest business world tactic is HR executives friending applicants after an interview.

HR executives say that scrolling through your online pictures and posts is the perfect way to get to know the real you before they extend a job offer, not the perfectly polished interview version of you.

But experts warn that letting HR rifle through your profile could backfire. A recent Career Builder survey found that over one-third of hiring managers decided not to offer a job to a candidate based solely info they uncovered on their Facebook page, like racy photos, or references to drinking. However, experts say that flat-out rejecting a potential employer’s friend request could also take you out of the running completely.

So, what should you do if your potential boss wants to be Facebook buddies?

Option #1: Reject them, but add them to LinkedIn. Experts say the safe move is to explain to your potential boss that you only use Facebook socially, and instead direct them to your professional networking page on LinkedIn.

Or, turn Facebook into your own publicist. Experts say a smart move is to accept the HR executive as your friend, but adjust your privacy settings so that they only see what you control. Like photos of you volunteering, and posts about recent work accomplishments, and certifications. This lets HR feel like they’re getting a sneak peek of you, while at the same time it’s still a 100-percent professional version.


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