Olive Garden Introduces Insane Meatball Pizza Bowl

OMG…how amazing does this look?  Olive Garden is making all our worst nightmares and biggest dreams come true with its new menu item: the Meatball Pizza Bowl. The bowl is like a deep-dish pizza on steroids. The gooey asiago, parmesan, and mozzarella cheesy goodness is housed in a seasoned pizza dough bowl and topped with meat sauce and giant spicy Italian meatballs.  The Italian restaurant chain added the pizza bowl to its Lunch Duos menu, which means it comes with unlimited breadsticks and salad. Eat it with a fork if you’re fancy or just get down to business and rip the dough with your hands.  The pizza bowl is only available during the week and before 3 p.m. so maybe make OG your new breakfast spot.

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