Posted: Tuesday, 21 June 2011 2:41PM

Huettl Charged With Stealing Over $105,000 From Business

MANKATO – The wife of Mankato’s former Public Safety Director is accused of stealing over $105,568 from the business she served as a bookkeeper for.
65-year-old Mary Huettl has been charged with 15 counts of felony theft for allegedly taking the money from US Engravers between September 2001 and August 2009.
Philip Meyer and Huettl’s husband Jerry owned the business together. In 2009, Meyer and his wife Elaine began due diligence as they prepared to buy Huettl’s share.
The Meyer’s say they began to uncover discrepancies in bookkeeping records, including missing entries, falsified records and altered invoices.
They found Huettl wrote out checks to herself and her son Michael Huettl and marked them as voided checks. Unauthorized checks were also written out to the Humane Society and the Salvation Army.
They then discovered that Mary Huettl opened up more than the one credit card that was authorized for businesses purchases.
They say they found credit cards from Capital One, Sam’s Club, American Express, Bank One and a Citi card. Payments to those cards were made from company funds.
A search warrant for credit card records showed items purchased from QVC and Home Shopping Network. Purchases were also made from scrapbooking companies and for groceries.
Investigators claim Huettl, in one case, falsified moving expenses for the company in 2005. An entry for $1,595.84 was documented as “Menards Materials – new store.” However a corresponding check was written out to Retail Services – the payee for a Herberger’s credit card.
All told the investigation say Huettl made unauthorized credit card purchases of over $41,200 and checkbook expenditures of $14,800.

They say Huettl admitted to pocketing cash payments to the company of over $6,300.

The investigator also noted the company showed no cash sales for the years 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Since the Meyers took over the business in October 2009, they have averaged cash sales of $600 per month. For the missing months, it could mean stolen cash of $43,000.
The case was investigated by North Mankato Police at the request of the Mankato Department of Public safety to avoid a conflict of interest.
The decision on charges came through New Ulm attorney Tricia Lancaster, who served as a special prosecutor for the Blue Earth County Attorney’s office.
Huettl will be in court on July 7th.

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