Posted: Monday, 18 July 2011 1:38PM

Authorites Want To Do Another Search In Albrecht Death Investigation

MANKATO – The prolonged search and investigation into the death of a missing Mapleton man will likely result in another search of a creek bed south of Mankato.

Blue Earth County Sheriff Capt. Rich Murry says investigators would like to do another water search for remains belonging to 26-year-old Matthew Albrecht, but are waiting for the level to go down.

DNA testing has confirmed that a human leg bone found by a dog last December belonged to Albrecht.

Since then several sweeps of the area east of Highway 22 and near the Sleepy Hollow subdivision have turned up more bones and personal items like clothing and tennis shoes, glasses and a cellphone that belonged to Albrecht.

Albrecht was last seen in Mankato in April 2010. A dog found a human leg bone in December 2010. Law enforcement did a search in December, but were hampered by poor weather.

Murry says the media coverage of the last search generated a few phone calls. "We followed up on the new leads but nothing has panned out" according to Murry.

Murry says investigators have been checking the water level "every week or two" but feel they would have better luck when it recedes a bit.

Law enforcement have not gone on the record about a possible cause of death except to say that nothing has been eliminated.

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