Mankato a GreenStep City

MANKATO (TEC News) - The city of Mankato recently completed its second step in becoming a GreenStep City. The completion was recognized by the GreenStep Cities program, which is part of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. With the program, the MPCA is helping Minnesota cities work toward achieving sustainability. In order to become a GreenStep City, participants must complete a certain number of "best practices" for achieving sustainability. A city of Mankato's size must complete 16 of the 28 best practices. Step two represents the completion of 8 of the 16 best practices.  To help complete the best practices, participating cities can communicate with a network of other GreenStep members to help develop strategies for completion.
Some of the best practices used by Mankato include purchasing new city buses, fuel-efficient Ford Interceptor public safety vehicles, and retrofitting city buildings so they are energy efficient. After three years of working toward becoming a GreenStep City, the city of Mankato is happy with its efforts, and is looking forward to competing more best practices, said city planning assistant, Jon Noerenberg:
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