The Elizabeth Kearney Women's Leadership Development Program

MANKATO (TEC News) -- Applications are currently being accepted for the Mankato YWCA 2013-2014 Elizabeth Kearney Women's Leadership Development Program.  The program is named after longtime Mankato YWCA supporter, Elizabeth Kearney. Born in 1914, Kearney dreamed of attending medical school, but never had the opportunity. Because of this, she decided to help fund an organization that would help women develop leadership skills, so they would have the opportunities she never had. Those who are interested in the program must apply and demonstrate to the YWCA why they should be chosen to participate, said YWCA executive director, Barb Dorn.  The application process includes a summary of community or workplace activities, three letters of recommendation, and a one-page essay stating the applicants' leadership goals and why they want to participate.  After a thorough review process, the applicants who "would benefit the most" from the program, are notified that they have been selected. The 20-25 women who are accepted into the program will spend nine months learning leadership skills and strengths, the difference between leadership and management, and how to apply those skills to their professional and personal lives. In the end, the training is really about each woman taking a personal journey, said Dorn:
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To apply or nominate someone for the program, visit