Corn and Soybean Presentation: Farmamerica

MANKATO (TEC News) - Southern Minnesota corn and soybean farmers are invited to the "Farming with GPS" presentation at Farmamerica on Wednesday, June 12.
The presentation will focus on the advantages of farming with a Global Positioning System, also known as precision agriculture.
Since the adoption of the GPS in the late 1990s, farmers have been using the technology as a "decision making tool," said University of Minnesota extension educator, Brad Carlson.
With a GPS, farmers can map yields and decide where to precisely apply fertilizers, evaluate erosion and drainage problems, and locate pest problems.
During the presentation, representatives from companies that manufacture the GPS technology and hardware will provide a general overview for those who are not familiar with precision agriculture practices, said Carlson: Carlson 2 FA "do agriculture" :12 
After the presentation, individual tutoring sessions and "ride and drive opportunities" will be available for those who are interested.
For more information about the presentation, call Farmamerica at 835-2052.

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