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Posted: Friday, 21 June 2013 6:06AM

Minneapolis Ranked #3 for Small Businesses

MINNEAPOLIS (TEC News) - Minneapolis was recently ranked the 3rd best city in the United States for small business communities. Senior Analyst for, John Kiernan explained a little about how they did their research:
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Kiernan also provided some tips for small business communities.

1. Remember That It’s a Company’s Promise That Matters: Small business owners, employees, and job seekers all have a tendency to get hung up on their company’s current condition, thinking they need to maximize profits and/or salary in the short-term and giving very little thought to future outlook. But whether or not a company will grow and attain long-term success is a far better indicator of the type of opportunity you have on your hands. For example, would you rather make $5,000 more per year now or get in on the ground floor with the next Google?
2. Don’t be Afraid to Move for Opportunity: The Great Recession had a disproportionate impact on major metropolitan areas in the U.S., and some have clearly bounced back quicker than others. What’s more, there are stark differences in industry representation, local tax rates, development incentives, etc., across the country. Given that small business employers typically hire from local talent pools and consider a wide range of additional factors when determining where to base their businesses, it would be a mistake for you – regardless of which side of the equation you happen to be on – to box yourself into a particular geographic area. Instead, you should at least consider whether relocating could improve your odds of success.

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