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Safety During Recreational Fires

MANKATO (TEC News), August 1 – Recreational Fires are an enjoyable activity, but take the necessary precautions to stay safe. The Mankato Department of Public Safety-Fire Division is urging residents to follow the tips provided for best practice in fire safety such as only using the permitted items to burn, keep an extinguisher nearby and always soak the remains before leaving.
Complete List
  • Recreational fires are allowed in the city of Mankato without a permit.
  • Recreational fires should be used for cooking, social, or recreational purposes
  • Materials permitted in a recreational fire are wood from trees, small brances, brush or charcoal.
  • Since they are fire hazards, treated lumber materials, construction debris, grass, garbage, plastic or waste materials are not allowed to be burned in recreational fires (Minnesota state statute 88.171)
  • Someone must attend the recreational fire until it burns out completely or is extinguished. [Minnesota state fire code (07) section 307.5].
  • Use clean wood with a maximum wood pile that is two feet high by three feet in diameter.
  • Maintain a 25-foot clearance between the fire and any building, wood pile, dry brush, dry grass, or other flammables.
  • If the fire is contained in a ring, fire pit, or other commercial device, the 25-foot distance may be less depending upon fire or police discretion. (Note: A fire should never be closer than 15 feet to anything flammable.)
  • Keep a fire extinguisher, hose, sand, bucket or shovel nearby.
  • Once done, soak any remains in water in a metal can and allow at least 24 hours to cool before discarding them. Properly disposing remains can help prevent a fire from restarting and causing damage. Ashes should be spread in gardens, buried on the property, or disposed of in a landfill.
  • Extinguish fires immediately if they pose a fire safety risk, are not in compliance with code, or a police officer, firefighter, fire warden or Department of Natural Resources officer directs the fire must be put out. [Minnesota state fire code (07) section 307.3].

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