Posted: Wednesday, 23 October 2013 6:20AM

Local Food Shelf Comments on Twin Cities' Health Policy Decision

MANKATO (TEC News), October 23 – A couple food shelves near the Twin Cities have implemented a new policy about junk food. They’ve trashed things like canned pastas, chips, pastries and other items high in sugar. Spokeswoman for the Echo Food Shelf in Mankato, Daisy DeLeon Esqueva, thought for a minute and asked, “What is really considered junk food?”

The local food shelf continues to operate as usual with no such policy, but they do have their own regulations to hold a certain standard. Esqueva said a dietician is involved in the sorting process, as well as limitations on certain items.
Esqueva 1 : “When it comes to snacks, we probably give out very, very little.” : 05 seconds.
She stated that lots of times, you can’t regulate what people are going to eat; we just do our best to provide what we feel is the best option for them with the resources we have.

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