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Posted: Friday, 15 November 2013 6:37AM

Arlington Woman Faces Losing Her Child After Incident

Gaylord, Minn. (Sibley County Court)  --


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SIBLEY COUNTY (TEC News), November 22 – Termination of parental rights is being sought by Sibley County Human Services against an Arlington woman. 19-year-old Christina DeLeon was summoned after the accidental drowning of her 8 month old son. The prosecution said they plan to file a petition to revoke DeLeon’s rights to parent her 2-year-old son, who is currently in custody of the maternal grandmother, Zulema DeLeon.
County human services explained because of the recent tragedy, mental state and drug issues, that DeLeon isn’t well enough to take care of him. Her attorney, William Cowell, says there isn’t enough evidence to prove that.
Cowell: “The statute says that the social service agency must attempt to reunify before a termination petition is filed. And there are multiple definitions unfortunately of egregious harm and we are saying that no egregious harm came to the 2-year-old old child.” [AUDIO CLIP]
DeLeon has three upcoming court appearances scheduled. A review hearing is set for December 2nd.

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SIBLEY COUNTY, Minn. (TEC News), November 19
– A 19-year-old Arlington woman will make her second court appearance on Thursday to discuss matters of child endangerment and custody of her older son. Christina DeLeon was summoned on November 12 after the accidental bathtub drowning of her 8-month old son.

She stated in a criminal complaint that she always takes the younger boy out of the bathtub first, but neglected to do so that time because the older boy, who is autistic, was throwing a fit. Current release conditions include: keeping the court informed of current address, no alcohol or controlled substance use and no possession, random testing and remain law abiding.

DeLeon is scheduled for a Rule 5 and Rule 8 hearing on Thursday where her charges will be discussed again as well as her rights. Sibley County Public Health & Human Services will be discussing their issues against DeLeon being a fit parent to provide for her remaining son. She will be required to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty which will determine the direction of the case thereafter. Conditions of release will continue unless modified by the judge.

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, Minn. (TEC News), November 15 – An Arlington woman made her first court appearance after she was summoned for leaving her son unattended in a bathtub where he drowned.

19-year-old Christina DeLeon accepted her release conditions in tears yesterday after county human services and the judge ordered her to have no contact with her other son, for now. He will continue to be cared for by his maternal grandmother. DeLeon is facing three felony counts in the death of her son, including manslaughter, neglect and drug charges due to confiscation of a pipe with meth residue.

The grandmother, Zulema DeLeon, made a statement to the court yesterday that she hopes her daughter will be able to care for her son in the future, but she has no say in whether DeLeon is mentally and emotionally stable to do so now. DeLeon’s next court appaearance was set for Thursday, Nov. 21. We will keep you updated after each court hearing. Stay tuned.

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