Posted: Wednesday, 20 November 2013 5:25AM

Hwy. 169 Through Blue Earth Opening Up

MANKATO (TEC News), November 20 – A reconstruction project on Hwy. 169 through Blue Earth is in its final stages. The road should be open to traffic late Friday, weather permitting. The road has been closed since June 18. Motorists are advised to take the necessary precautions on the roundabouts.
·                  Prior to the roundabout watch for signing for lane assignments
·                  When approaching a roundabout, slow down and get into the appropriate lane
·                  Yield to pedestrians
·                  Yield to traffic in all circular lanes.  Merge when it is safe.
·                  Continue through the roundabout until you reach your exit.  Do not stop or pass in a roundabout.
The resurfacing work on the north and south ends of Highway 169 in Blue Earth have been rescheduled until next spring as well as sidewalk and any unfinished items. Celebration of the new roadway is set for 4 p.m. on December 5.