Posted: Sunday, 20 February 2011 5:40PM

Snow Emergency Information

Current Snow Emergencies
Date/Time Posted
City Current Status
2/21/11 Mankato in effect at midnight tonight and will expire at noon tomorrow, Tuesday, February 22. When a snow emergency is in effect there is no parking on Mankato streets so snow can be removed quickly and efficiently. Temporary parking is available downtown at no cost in the Mankato Place and Civic Center parking ramps during snow emergencies. Parking is also allowed in yards during a snow emergency.
2/21/11 Mapleton Beginning at 1 am on 2/22/11. No parking until plowed curb to curb.
2/21/11 St. James Beginning at 1:00 am on Tuesday, February 22nd and ending when all streets have been plowed.
2/21/11 St. Peter Monday February 21, 2011 7:37 PM CST
SNOW EMERGENCY is still in effect. There is no parking on city streets from midnight through 7:00 AM.
The SNOW EMERGENCY for the City of Saint Peter is still in effect. There is NO PARKING on any Snow Emergency Route at any time until the end of the SNOW EMERGENCY. In addition, from Midnight until 7:00 AM there is no parking on Residential City Streets. From 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM, there is no parking on the Downtown City Streets.

General Snow Emergency Information

When there is more than three inches of snow, a snow emergency is called. The City of
Mankato Snow Emergency Ordinance allows no parking on city streets while the snow emergency is in effect, or unitl the entire street is plowed corner to corner. Receive an alert via email or via text. You can also receive snow emergency alerts via Twitter.

24 Hour Snow Emergency Hot Line: 507-387-9001

Eagle Lake
The City of Eagle Lake will inform the public of a Snow Emergency via the website and news radio. If you are interested in receiving notification via email, please contact the City Office to be added to your email notification list. There will be NO parking on any street until plowed curb to curb.

Lake Crystal
Lake Crystal Winter Parking Regulations

Le Sueur
Snow Emergency Parking Ordinance
Snow removal policy

New Ulm
Downtown Snow Emergency  Details and Hot Line: 507-233-8433
Snow and Ice Control policies

St. Clair
Residents are asked to use off-street parking during and after snowfall events (1" or more) and after high-wind events which have caused snow to blow and drift in the street. Off-street parking should be utilized until your street has been plowed curb-to-curb. Vehicles that have been parked on the street longer than twenty-four (24) hours after a snowfall event and have prohibited the complete clearing of the street shall be in violation of the Ordinance and are subject to towing. More Information

St. Peter
Snow emergencies will always be declared before 5 p.m. Once a Snow Emergency is declared, there is NO PARKING on any of the posted SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTES for the entire 48 hour period. (Even if the street has been plowed curb-to-curb there is NO PARKING.) Beginning at 12 midnight, for two days, there is NO PARKING on Residential Streets from midnight until 7 a.m. Beginning at 2 a.m., for two days, there is NO PARKING on Downtown Streets from 2 a.m. until 6 a.m.

View snow emergency routes, free parking lots and more details
24 Hour Snow Emergency Information: 507-934-0675

Receive snow emergency notification via email and/or text message

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