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Cedar Mountain Close To Late Start Record -- More Schools Weigh In On Snow Day Status

MORGAN -- Cedar Mountain planned for a tough winter with 7 built in make up days in the schedule and it has paid off.

"We wanted to be prepared," said Superintendent Bob Tews.

The Morgan and Franklin area has been hit hard this year by snow and wind with 11 late starts/early outs and 4 snow days.

Tews says they wanted to anticipate not just for bad weather, but for possible delays in clearing roads due to tight state, county and township budgets.

If there are addition snow days for Cedar Mountain, the dates of April 21st, 25th and June 2nd are already available for a make up day. Tews will present two more possible make up dates during the school board's Feburary meeting.

Tews has 13 years of records of district late starts and closings and this year is closing in on a record. In 2000-2001, Cedar Mountain had 4 snow days. That year's 13 late starts/early outs is just two more than this year.

But he notes the following year in 01-02, Cedar Mountain only had 1 snow day and 4 late starts.

"So there is hope," said Tews.

In near-by Comfrey, their numbers are similar to those over in Morgan and Franklin.

Superintendent Allen Hoffman reports 12 late starts/early outs and 3 snow days. One of those snow days will have to be made up.

"We are hesitant to make firm plans as we have not even gotten close to the month with the most snow historically (March)," says Hoffman

In Wells, United South Central Superintendent Jerry Jensen says they will be making up both of their snow days.

"We basically make up all of our snow days," said Jensen. "We try to schedule the make up dates on days not in session around breaks."

In other words, students trade a scheduled vacation day for their impromptu snow day.

Jensen says the USC school board will meet on Monday, February 7th to discuss which dates to target to make up the pair of snow days.

February 18th and 21st are possible dates.

All this and it's only February 3rd.

Area School District Summary Of Snow Days And Late Starts (provided by districts)

District Late Starts Early Outs "Snow Days" Comments
Cedar Mountain 11 combined with late starts 4 Had 7 days built into schedule, so 4 days in had before make up days need to be scheduled.
Comfrey 12 combined with late starts 3 Had 2 "built in" days. 1 day to make up.
JWP 5 4 1 3 "built in" days, 2 remaning before extending school year.
LCWM 8 combined with late starts 4 3 "built in" days at start of school year. As of now will extend school year by one day. Every snow day will extend the year.
Le Center 6 2 2 2 "built in" days. "Next full snow day and we will extend the year."
Maple River 10 combined with late starts 2 2 "built in" days. Further snow days will extend the school year.
Martin County West 12 combined with late starts 4 Those four days will be made up with days already on the schedule for that reason.
New Ulm 6 4 4 3 "built in" snow days. Plan to make up one snow day "ASAP"
St. Peter 3 3 2 Making up 2 snow days on April 21 and April 25. Those days were "built in" to the colendar.
Sibley East 6 3 3 Making up 1 snow day on President's Day (Feb 21) which was previously a "No School Day"
USC 5 4 2 USC makes up all 'snow days'. School board will vote on 2 make up dates during Feb 7th meeting.
WEM 5 3 2 1 "built in" snow day. Will make up 1 day (and additional snow days) at the end of the year.

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