Plane Passenger Dries Her Panties with the Overhead Air Vent on Packed Jet

A plane passenger has been filmed drying out a pair of knickers by holding them close to the air vent above her head in the middle of a packed jet.

The woman waved the black and white pants high above the heads of her fellow travellers as she spent 20 minutes drying them out.

She was onboard an Ural Airlines from Antalya, in southern Turkey en route to the Russian capital of Moscow, when she was filmed.

Eyewitnesses said the woman did not seem remotely embarrassed as she moved the knickers around under the vent.

An onlooker with a smartphone filmed the surreal scene as she held up her undergarments above her head and moved them about in the airflow to dry them.

Other passengers were reportedly too shocked to comment on the woman’s unusual laundry technique.

Although some have speculated that maybe she was a mother, desperately trying to dry out a pair of children’s underpants after the child had an accident on board.

One anonymous eyewitness said: “Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent.”

However, the video has sparked a lively debate after it was posted on video-sharing platforms.

Alexandra Alexandra said: “Those aren’t ones of an adult. Looks like they belong to a kid.”

While another viewer added: “This woman has the intellect of a dog… This is so sad… Half the country are like her.”

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