Are You a Silky Mom? Here Are 13 Ways to Tell…

We all know what crunchy moms, free-range moms, and tiger moms are. But what about silky moms?

Basically, it’s the exact opposite of a crunchy mom. She is a modern mom who takes advantage of every current luxury and advancement. A “scrunchy” mom is someone who adopts practices of both crunchy and silky moms, finding a good median between the two.

The new silky mom label is catching on and here are 13 ways to tell if you fit the bill.

1. Silky moms are tech-savvy. They use apps to track pretty much everything and are active on social media.

2. They have epidurals.

3. They read all the parenting blogs and books. If it’s trending in the parenting world, silky moms are on it.

4. They use disposable diapers.

5. They love baby gear–the more the better! They would definitely not classify themselves as minimalists.

6. They are big on convenience and time-management.

7. But they do eat organic.

8. They aren’t opposed to screen time.

9. They are all about Pinterest.

10. They don’t co-sleep.

11. They believe in sleep training.

12. No homemade baby food for silky moms. They either buy organic or use baby-led weaning.

13. They rely on medical professionals and adhere to standard practices. So they definitely vaccinate.

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