SNL: Charles Barkley Undergoes Comedy Training in New Promo

Charles Barkley wants everyone to know that he is “not a comedian” in the new promo for his upcoming gig hosting Saturday Night Live tonight.

In the promo, SNL castmember Aidy Bryant coaches the former basketball star on how to become a proper host.

“OK, so you’re crap, and you know it,” Bryant teases Barkley, as Barkley explains everything he cannot and won’t do while serving as the show’s host.

Stating that he doesn’t “wear wigs for your amusement” and doesn’t “do characters,” Barkley is then shown practicing impressions for Bryant, leaving her to criticize his pronunciation of “Bonjour” as “Mi-jour.”

“Too late Barkley. You’re still hosting SNL,” Bryant tells the basketball player, leaving Barkley to concede. “OK, let’s make this thing work.”

Barkley is set to host SNL tonight with musical guest Migos.

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