Spill-Proof Wine Glass

There’s nothing quite like a glass of wine at the end of the day, but that great feeling can be erased just as quickly by a red wine spill on the carpet or on the couch. Well, San Francisco company Super Duper Studio has invented the solution that will make that end of the day glass of wine a pleasurable experience every single time. It’s a spill-proof wine glass!  You’re probably thinking that these things have got to be the ugliest sippy cup looking glasses on the planet, but you’d be wrong. They are actually made out of hand-blown glass and they look like grown-up barware. This brilliant glass weebles and wobbles but it won’t fall down. You could actually roll it around on the floor and the wine won’t spill.  The only drawback – they cost about $50 a piece. Maybe a sippy cup isn’t so bad after all!


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