Are Squiggly Eyebrows Really Going to Be the Next Big Brow Trend?

Are you worried that your brows are starting to look a little…basic?

Are you tired of having to fill them in and fade them out? Do you wish you had a bit of facial furniture that wasn’t identical to everyone else?

If the answer’s yes, then stop what you’re doing, grab a pencil and some tweezers and settle down.

Because apparently, the hottest way to have your eyebrows right now is in the shape of squiggly lines.

Beauty influencer Promise Tamang recently uploaded the look to Instagram and told PopSugar that she’d be inspired after seeing a picture of someone who had photoshopped squiggly brows onto their face.

So, how do you do it?

Promise says she began by using washable PVA Glue to flatten her hair in one direction before using concealer, setting and pressed powders to hide her brows.

Then she drew on the wavy eyebrows using a black gel liner mixed with powder.

To clarify: glue, concealer, eyeliner.



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