St. Peter Police Investigate Report Of Attempted Child Luring

The St. Peter Police Department is investigating an incident that some have labeled as a possible attempted child luring.

Chief Matt Peters says they did take a report that a couple of very young children had something kind of strange happen to them on Wednesday afternoon, but “I would not characterize it as trying to abduct anyone.”

Peters says since they’re young kids, it’s hard to get good information and that police are working to “ascertain what the facts are…and then we will go from there.” Peters says often times when such reports are made, the circumstances had nothing to do with children or it’s simply “a misunderstanding.”

Peter also advises against people taking matters into their own hands. He says they had an adult who took a picture of a car, went up to the residence and showed it to the kids and asked “is this the car?” Peters says that is not helpful.

A social media post from a St. Peter parent says a man with a ski mask was spotted in a tan car with a black stripe trying to lure children into his vehicle in the area near the Vista View townhomes.


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