STRANGER THINGS Season 1 DVDs Are Packaged to Look Like a VHS Tape

If you’ve caught Stranger Things at all during its first or second season, you’ll have seen how much it relies on the nostalgia factor. Old Ataris, Eggos, Three Musketeer candy bars at Halloween, and plenty of old 80’s music make the show feel like a trip in a time machine. The show also has plenty of VHS tapes, which its characters use to record important memories and re-watch favorite films.

Now, non-Netflix subscribers can check out the Stranger Things. To celebrate the show’s second season, Target released an exclusive collector’s Blu-Ray/DVD of the show’s first season, designed to look like a faded and worn VHS tape.

Inside the faded cover, a box that resembles a VHS tape contains four DVD discs. It seems whoever designed the imitation may have taken pointers from a fan made-VHS cover of Stranger Things that I Am Steelberg posted on Instagram last year.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Stranger Things merchandise that lean heavily on nostalgia: the soundtrack saw a cassette tape and vinyl release back in July.  While fans of the show can stream the ambient and creepy music on Apple Music, Spotify, and other services, those who want to relive the 80’s have one more pseudo-retro option.

Stranger Things’ second season is now streaming on Netflix.


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