‘Submarining’ Is the New Terrible Dating Trend You Should Worry About

Human beings are cruel, petty creatures, who moan about the elusive nature of love while simultaneously building their own emotional hell. To support this bleak perspective, I present to you the latest dating trend, which is dramatically called “submarining.”

While ghosting is what happens when someone stops texting without explanation (unfortunately they don’t usually¬†die), submarining is what happens when a boo-thing stops texting you, and THEN RE-EMERGES FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN MONTHS LATER.

Except, instead of rising from the ocean like an emotionally torturous mer-person, they send you an underwhelming “sup” text as if they never disappeared in the first place.

Submarining maybe the worst of all worlds possible, because it includes the humiliation of being ghosted, then once you’ve moved on the monster COMES BACK TO TORTURE YOU MORE.



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