Are You Suffering From Post-Wedding Stress Disorder?

There are some people who live to plan their wedding. They dream about the day long before they know it’s coming, and they start making plans long before their significant other even pops the question.

For them, figuring out every single detail of their big day – picking out just the right color pink for this and shade of blush for that – is so much fun that they don’t want it to end.

But what happens when it does end? What happens when the band plays their final song, all of the guests head home, the gifts are unwrapped, the honeymoon is over, and the bride realizes there is no more wedding to plan…ever?

Dr. Wyatt Fisher, a doctorate in clinical psychology and a licensed psychologist, says that weddings can create Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms for some.

“Depression can certainly follow a wedding,” says Fisher. “Often, we build up the big day our entire lives and then when it’s over we can feel lost and disillusioned that it didn’t meet our expectations, exhausted from all the hassle, and/or disappointed with real life after the wedding.”

But it’s not only the wedding coming to a close that can bring on these feelings. Sometimes, a skimpy wallet or a not so picture-worthy wedding moment can cause the after shock of a wedding being over.

“Post-wedding depression can happen if you’re not pleased with how the wedding turned out, have feelings of guilt or embarrassment about a wedding guest with inappropriate behavior, and also the sticker shock alone can cause feelings of sadness,” says Psychiatrist Dion Metzger.

If you’re wondering what you can do to avoid the wedding blues once your wedding is over, Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, says it’s simple: “Have things to look forward to post-wedding, such as building a life together, buying a house, or just growing as a couple.”

Then maybe you can shake those flashbacks.




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